Kathrine LaFleur

Kathrine LaFleur grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She discovered her inner author in the fourth grade, thanks to an amzing teacher. She loves reading and writing books for children and young adults. She also enjoys visiting schools to talk with students about stories and writing. She currently lives in Oakland, CA where she teaches, writes and publishes books.









The Elephant Girl

The Elephant GIrl
252 pages
9 years old and up

For Kalla, born to human parents but raised by a family of elephants, growing up in the rainforest is a grand adventure – until she realizes that humans and elephants make better enemies than friends. Determined to prove she belongs with the herd, Kalla goes on a quest to find the Oracle Stone, a mythical object as ancient and sacred to the elephants as the stories they keep. Once again among a human tribe, however, she faces new challenges and doubts about where her true loyalties lie.


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The Stomp Away Queen

The Stomp Away Queen
136 Pages
7-9 years

Lizzie Donovan is planning the perfect party for her eighth birthday. There’s only one problem: she has to invite Melanie, the meanest girl in her class. With her best friend’s help and only one week to go, Lizzie will do anything to save her party.


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Fox Fur


Fox Fur
146 pages
7 – 9 years

Between trouble at school and trouble at home, Jenny Carter hasn’t felt so alone since her mother died. Little does she know that the friendship she craves is right in her own back yard.

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Sir Henry's Birthday



Sir Henry’s Birthday Quest
28 pages
3 – 6 years

Inspired to embark on his first quest, young Sir Henry sets off to plan the perfect party for his puppy’s birthday. Suited up in his questing armor, he begins his adventure. But every knight needs a trusty steed, and it turns out Sir Henry’s is no ordinary horse.

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