What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility.

The purpose of putting someone in hypnosis  is to bypass the critical mind factor.  Hypnosis itself doesn’t do anything, but it gives you a favorable climate in which to work.  Hypnosis relaxes the physical body to allow the unconscious mind to be listen and take helpful suggestions to change behaviours, patterns and habits.

Myths of Hypnosis

Myth:  The Hypnotist will control me

Hypnosis properly done, you are always in complete control of your session at all times. Your hypnotist is just a guide.  If there were an emergency, and the Hypnotist left the room, you would emerge by yourself, just as you do when you wake up from sleep.

Myth:  I was asleep, not Hypnotized

When you are in Hypnosis, your physical body is relaxed, but your mind is very much awake.  Some people relax so deeply, especially in this tension-filled world, that they feel like they were asleep.  However, when the Hypnotist suggests that they emerge at the count of five, they open their eyes, proving they were following suggestion and not asleep.

Myth:  I can’t be hypnotized

Any intelligent person can be hypnotized, provided that they are willing, and that no fear is present.  A good Hypnotist who does a proper introduction to Hypnosis with their client, can Hypnotize all willing participants into a state of Hypnosis.

Myth:  I may reveal all my secrets

Hypnosis is not a truth serum. You will only share with your Hypnotist what you are willing to share.

Myth:  I might get stuck in Hypnosis

You cannot get stuck in Hypnosis. Without constant dialogue, Hypnosis cannot be sustained and so the person in Hypnosis would emerge themselves.

Conscious/Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious Mind blinks your eyes, digests your food, beats your heart, regulates breathing etc. The Conscious Mind thinks, reasons, solves problems, learns tasks etc.

When you learned to tie your shoe, you had to consciously think about how to make a bow.  Now, you subconsciously tie your shoes with no thought at all.

Other examples are driving, cooking, knitting and other tasks that you do repetitively.

What Hypnosis feels like?hypnosis-image

Hypnosis feels like the moment just before you drop off to sleep.  You are aware but you really don’t care.  Laying there you realize you forgot to do something, and you say to yourself – “I’ll deal with that tomorrow.”

What clients have described Hypnosis feels like:

  • limbs felt as light as a feather
  • felt heavy – very heavy
  • just like daydreaming or meditation – only with direction
  • eyelids flickered a lot
  • felt as if I was floating, felt so calm, tingling sensations


All Hypnosis is self Hypnosis.

Learn how to overcome your own fears and blocks by practicing Self Hypnosis. Your Hypnotist is just your guide.  People are surprised to learn that they have the ability to hypnotize themselves; they are led to believe, especially by the media– that hypnosis is something which is done to them and not within their control.

We all go into self-hypnosis every day, many times, without realizing it – it might be when we are concentrating or focusing on something.  Repetitive task jobs,  driving and missing an exit.  Reading a book or watching a show on television, someone talks to you and you don’t hear them.

To learn self-hypnosis book a session.

Have you ever seen a Stage Show?

You probably thought they were the next thing to unconscious?  Did you think they were totally controlled during the show by the Hypnotist?  Or was the Hypnotist simply guiding them through the skits?

Would you be surprised to know that the subjects can hear the audience applaud and laugh during the show?  Each subject can hear what the Hypnotist is doing with another person on stage.  They are just so deeply relaxed, they just don’t care!

So why do they look like they are unconscious?  Why do they seem so relaxed that they fall over onto the person beside them.  They hypnotist does several suggestibility tests  where he then chooses the people who respond with the most obvious or exaggerated movements.  The Stage Hypnotist knows how to choose the people who will demonstrate with “drama”.

Most people come out of hypnosis feeling just like they do as they emerge from a nap or first thing when they wake up.  This is where the myth that you are sleeping arises.

In Hypnosis, you may be able to hear sounds like the dog barking in the distance, traffic going by or even the clock ticking in the office, you just feel so relaxed that you don’t care.

Most people emerge from Hypnosis with a big smile, feeling good in every way.

When having a Hypnosis session, it releases oxygen to the brain, which is why people find that they feel more relaxed, and have better focus.  This relaxed feeling can continue for a few hours to a few weeks after the session.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and we give you tools to re-create the relaxation you feel when in our sessions at any time you choose in the future.

Sessions can include, and are not limited to:  Energy Work, EFT, Hypnosis, Nutritional Consulting, Essential Oils