Hypnosis Certification Course



Hypnosis Certification Training – Someone who has never studied Hypnosis before and wishes to become a Hypnotist who works with clients 

Help clients release weight, stop smoking and relieve stress by becoming a Certified Consulting Hypnotist.

You will practice on real clients during the second week.

Basics Include:

– What is Hypnosis?
– Preliminary Suggestibility Tests
– Cautions of Hypnosis
– How to Hypnotize
– Inductions; many styles
– Depth Testing
– Deepening Techniques
– Suggestion Management
– Emerging clients from hypnosis
– History of Hypnosis, Ethics, Business Practices and much, much more.
– Tools to start your hypnosis business.

You will also learn a basic yet effective Smoking Cessation Program, Weight Management Program, and Stress Management Program. The course now includes training in the Virtual Gastric Band with Hypnosis.

Trainer, Jo-Anne Eadie will fully qualify you and prepare you to open a business, or apply for a job at an established business the day after you finish your course.

To maintain your certification, ongoing training is required by attending workshops specializing in a specific skill or area of Hypnosis. Conventions give you an overall opportunity to upgrade skills, network and jumpstart enthusiasm for your business and clients.

$1895.00 + HST includes all materials,  your first year fees to the International Hypnosis Federation and your registration fee for the Canadian Hypnosis Conference in Burlington, held annually in October

Payment plans available