Hypnosis Certification Course



Hypnosis Certification Training – Someone who has never studied Hypnosis before and wishes to become a Hypnotist who works with clients 

Help clients release weight, stop smoking and relieve stress by becoming a Certified Consulting Hypnotist.

You will practice on real clients during the second week.

Basics Include:

– What is Hypnosis?
– Preliminary Suggestibility Tests
– Cautions of Hypnosis
– How to Hypnotize
– Inductions; many styles
– Depth Testing
– Deepening Techniques
– Suggestion Management
– Emerging clients from hypnosis
– History of Hypnosis, Ethics, Business Practices and much, much more.
– Tools to start your hypnosis business.

You will also learn a basic yet effective Smoking Cessation Program, Weight Management Program, and Stress Management Program. The course now includes training in the Virtual Gastric Band with Hypnosis.

Trainer, Jo-Anne Eadie will fully qualify you and prepare you to open a business, or apply for a job at an established business the day after you finish your course.

To maintain your certification, ongoing training is required by attending workshops specializing in a specific skill or area of Hypnosis. Conventions give you an overall opportunity to upgrade skills, network and jumpstart enthusiasm for your business and clients.

$1895.00 + HST includes all materials,  your first year fees with Hypnosis Canada Inc. and your registration fee for the Canadian Hypnosis Conference held annually in October

Payment plans available