Smoking Cessation

Are you dying to quit smoking?

We can help you, regain your health, have more money, taste and smell things again and eliminate the lingering odor on you and your clothing.

Jo-Anne works with you utilizing Hypnosis and Energy techniques to quit smoking in a single 2 hour session.

We ask you to bring a craving to your session, so that we can teach you techniques to release cravings yourself. quit smoking now


Smoking Myths:

Smoking is an addiction

An addiction escalates.  When most smokers are asked the question, How many cigarettes do you smoke? The answer is always in “packs” (1/2 pack, 1 pack etc).  Rarely, if ever, does the smoker say that they are steadily increasing the amount of cigarettes they are smoking. True addiction requires an increase of the stimulant over time, to get the same “high” or “rush”.

Smoking is a habit.

  • Addictions escalate – habits do not.
  • “The Patch” supplies the body with nicotine but you don’t get addicted to the patch.
  • Drug addicts need more and more to achieve the same high.
  • You can go through the night without a cigarette, or on a long flight. It’s uncomfortable, but you can handle it.

Smoking helps me “relax”

Cigarettes are a stimulant.  The relaxation you are feeling actually comes from taking a deep breath as you inhale.  When you take a deep breath, you are increasing the oxygen to your brain which releases endorphins, which relaxes you.  The same result can be obtained with a few deep breaths WITHOUT the cigarette.